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Block Paving

Living Gardens - Block Paving DrivewaysBlock paving not only gives your driveway a touch of class and your house real kerb appeal, but it also represents an extremely practical and durable solution that will continue to look good through the years. Block Paving offers you many design and colour options for your driveway and surrounding your home.

Products include:

  • Standard rectangular pavers 200x100mm. An economical choice. In various thicknesses and a very wide choice of colours
  • Tumbled or hammered pavers, normally mixing several sizes to give an aged, random effect. Many multicoloured blends are available
  • Shaped blocks to produce a huge variety of patterns and geometric designs in contrasting colours
  • Circular kits to create a stunning centre piece or feature in a driveway or patio, in various finishes and choicess
  • Kerbs to form a practical and stylish boundary to the paved area, defining the edges and preventing vehicle overrun

Permeable Paving

We also now offer Permeable paving which offers an environmentally-friendly solution to meet the legislation regarding front of homes which allows water to drain through the paved area. This controls runoff by keeping rainwater from pooling on your driveway instead of using additional drainage.

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