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Resin Bonded Aggregate Driveways

COREbound is a unique paving system, which combines the strength of our honeycomb grids with the beauty and resilience of a bound aggregate surface, to provide an attractive and innovative paving solution.


COREbound benefitsLiving Gardens - Resin Driveways

  • Eco-friendly
  • Does not require a pre existing hard standing
  • Withstands vehicular traffic
  • Easy to install and easy to repair
  • Protects against weathering and UV effects
  • Porous for excellent water drainage
  • Geotextile backing prevents weed growth
  • Used in SUDS and DDA compliant paving installations

SUDS and DDA Compliant

The combination of these 2 layers creates a strong surface that is aesthetically pleasing. 100% porous and wheelchair accessible. Most importantly COREbound can be laid without the need for a pre-existing hard surface, unlike traditional resin bound installations.

Honeycomb grid base

COREgravel’s hexagonal grid forms the structural layer that holds the base aggregate in place and provides a porous, strong and stable surface.

Aggregate bound surface

The COREgravel base is topped with natural stones or recycled glass in a solvent free Aliphatic UV stable binder. The clear binder is ecological, permeable and sustainable. It provides a surface that absorbs shock whilst protecting against weathering and the yellowing effects of UV rays.

For installations intended for vehicular traffic we combine the aggregate within the hexagonal grids with a stronger aromatic solvent based compound.

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